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Slovak production,

scandinavian roots

For more than 30 years, we have been helping to protect

the values which matter. In business and life.

About the company Innovations with tradition since 1991

Thanks to the development, constant innovation, and production of reliable products, we contribute to improving the quality of life in Slovakia and the world.

Our devices ensure the identification of persons during the entry check to buildings and workplaces. They protect valuable assets and know-how. They guard the quality of work performance and public health. They participate in the functioning of complex security systems of state infrastructure. They bring the feeling of security – the feeling that is OK.

We transform our experience and introduce the desire to strive for a safer tomorrow into the production of our devices. Not only do we offer hardware to our partners but also cooperation which they can rely on.

The company of CONTAL OK, Ltd. was founded on the 29th of March, 1991 as a private company with 100% foreign ownership interest. At the time of its creation, the founder and the single owner was the Swedish company of Contal AB, Gothenburg. Currently, CONTAL OK is owned by the Slovak company of HOUR.

  • 1991 Foundation of the company
  • 1993 Development and production of control and security systems
  • 2000 Sales and development departments for the domestic market
  • 2003 Development of attendance, catering, and visitor systems
  • 2009 Development of a new access and security system
  • 2015 Expansion of the sales department of the company
  • 2019 The company of HOUR became the owner of CONTAL OK

Your OK partner Our functioning, cooperation, and unique business approach are based on the values we believe in.


We can always adapt and respond appropriately and on time.


We build cooperation on mutual trust and open communication.


We always pay attention to requirements and implement every detail precisely.


We share information and communicate openly about every change.


Behind every device, there stands a human and the values that we care about.

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Contal OK devices

We can make the devices for ensuring building and object security and critical communication tailored to your needs.


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